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The La Pieve Farm
Vegetable Farm

Our highest aim is to produce organic vegetable & fruits. We use eco friendly products & natural remedies to fight pests & insects. The La Pieve Vegetable farm supplies our local farm shop, La Pieve Shop, also Ranch House Bistro & Chui Lodge. 

We have recently started a delivery service locally around the lake & also to restaurants in Nairobi. Our range of produce changes seasonally but some of the produce includes, courgettes, Swiss chard, beetroots, strawberries, raspberries, carrots, assortment of lettuces, chilis, onions, basil, cabbage & leeks. 

Vegetable Seedlings
Herb Garden
Organic Garden
Organic Strawberries
Chui organic vegetable garden
Cow and Calf

We have a small herd of around 50 cows in La Pieve, which are all grass fed and antibiotic free. The dairy herd are a mix of Jersey,  Fresian, Fleckvie and Ashire. All creating delicious rich, thick double cream. We also produce milk, butter, yogurt and greek yogurt. All of these products are used in Chui Lodge and available for purchase at the La Pieve Shop. 

In addition to the dairy herd there is a herd of 80 Dorper sheep which are free range grass fed. They are very hardy tough sheep good for dryer areas and are known for their delicious meat. 

Fresh Cow Milk
Cow Eye
Fresh Baked Scones
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